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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Way LOVE Is


As I wander in the Forest
Of the Worlds Illusions here
I find myself just searching
For the Love that’s oh So near

As I walk alone in Silence
I feel the Presence ever Clear
Is this the Way to find it
In the Quiet that is pure

Is this the Way that Love is
Is this the Path I find
Always standing by and waiting
As I hold out my hand

Is this the Way that Love is
When still your never here
And Yet I feel you so, so close
In my heart and Soul you’re there

Long, so long the Journey
And when I’m weary and in despair
I go inside and find you
And your promise I still hear

Never doubt my love for you
That comes from deep inside
Always I’m there waiting
in your soul is the greatest love to find

And when you feel you are alone
Take a moment to believe
There’s more to Life than you now know

And in time you will see
Love is always waiting
Deep inside of you
This the way that love is
Love will see you through 

****I heartily dedicate this poem to my SOMEONE SPECIAL...****

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